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The picture of a song

What does a song look like?  If you could represent the shape, character and feel of a song graphically, how would it look?

I’ve played around with this concept for a while; it’s something that helps me, as an arranger, to get inside music and understand how it works.   I’m interested in getting a clear vision of musical form because as we listen to music, we hear only the moment, and while we are aware of what has gone before and we anticipate what is to come, we can’t easily grasp the sensation (and especially the detail) of the whole thing.

I’m no graphic designer!  I played around with some basic graphics programmes and for my 1st attempt I’m using Comic Life!

Does this give you an overall picture of a song?

The choruses are warm, smooth, rounded.
The verses are dark, heavy and jagged.
The middle 8 is a complete contrast that drops in intensity and builds towards another chorus.
The 4th chorus starts to thin out.
The outro is a chorus that fades.