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Realstrings Vol 4: hip hop

Hot on the heels of our credit for Kanye West, comes another loops pack – Realstrings Volume 4: hip hop.

A collection of 83, 2-bar loops (full and stripped down mixes), plus 72 phrases, at tempos from 75 – 100 bpm.  The material reflects how strings are typically used in hip hop, featuring minor and modal harmony, staccato rhythms and stabs, musical influences from disco, world and classical, dark as well as dynamic moods, and gritty performance.  The pack is available from Loopmasters.

This video looks inside the pack, and explores what strings bring to hip hop.


Arranging strings for Letter by Rhymefest

The creative and technical process of making music is fascinating and I wish more musicians would expose their own professional practice.

Here’s my short contribution – a video that explores how I came to put strings on Rhymefest’s song ‘Letter’ and some suggestions about how to approach arranging strings.

I am an entirely amateur video maker who believes video is such a great communicator! I’m using Snapz Pro to make screen shots and Final Cut Express to edit.