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A great job came my way a few months back and the tracks have just been released on Soundcloud.  Emmie is a singer after a record deal, with songs co-written and produced by Dave Bethbell.

Studio2_Strings_033I put string arrangements on 8 of the songs, most recorded at Abbey Road.  It beats working.  For string arrangements, these songs were a dream; expressive, intriguing melodies, emotional chord sequences with passing harmonies and tensions, plenty of implied dynamics, and sparse production that left space for every element.

One of my favorites was a track called Wait For Me, I confess I’m not usually a lyrics kind of bloke, but these are immensely powerful.

And the score is here.


Abbey Road

Over the years, the chance to work at Abbey Road has come up a few times but for one reason and another, I’d never managed to make it happen, until yesterday, 17th May 2010.

The session was for Ian Livingstone and the music was for the 2010 Formula 1 video game being developed by Codemasters.  My role was to prepare the score and parts from Ian’s midi and audio and help to make sure they were well executed on the session.

No great surprise that the musical and engineering team were excellent and everything ran without a hitch, with a phenomenal result.    We were in studio 2 and word was that Sting was in studio 1 and Eric Clapton in 3.