Realstrings Loops packs are available from Loopmasters.

rs vol 1 volume 2 rs vol 3

RShiphop discostrings realstrings5_big

brokenchords.jpg discostrings2.jpg  css-cover-140

18 responses to “Loops

  1. good stuff

  2. Hi Pete,
    I used one of you free samples in one of my songs.
    I’m VERY happy with the result.
    If do you want kisten the final result, send me a touch, ok?
    Artur (from Barcelona, Spain)

  3. Hi Pete

    Your strings sound really fab in a movie score that I’ve just produced!
    Thanks for the free samples

  4. Had to check out the link. Very impressive! As I’ve said before, you are very talented. Thank you for the loops!

  5. Hey very nice sounding violins
    was wondering if you have any upbeat or fast attack violin loops for hip hop even better if there in the key of F sharp I think the black F key on the piano. I would buy them from you if they were shazzzaam! 80 to 90 tempo range but a little faster or slower will work as well as long as they sound dark and tuff my favorite haha! even a solo violin or viola or something would be the best or two or three in a duet dance up and down the scale while the other violin is on a solid chord. Thank you!!!!!

  6. Hi Pete

    The demo loops sound excellent and I really like the chord charts you have included.

    I’m thinking of buying the Real Strings from Loop Masters, Have you included the chord charts with this too?


  7. Hi Alan, thanks for your comment. I have the sheet music for all the loops. I’m not sure if it is included in the pack but if you email me at pete[at]realstrings.com I’ll send it to you.

  8. Superbes loops et trés belle musicalité.

  9. Astormairraps

    Very Good site, thank yo mister, it’s help’s me!

  10. Hi Pete,
    I bought your Strings 2 Cinematic loops from Loopmasters over Xmas and I think they are the best around. I have done quite a few tracks using them and find the texture and versatility amazing.If you have a look on the Looperman Website and look under Artists, my Artist name is truegrit.I would be very interested to know what you think of the way ,I have used your samples.

  11. These loops packs are available from Loopmasters and several re-sellers. If you have had any problems with purchasing from any store, please let me know.

  12. Hi Pete, I just bought Real Strings 2 on producerloops, it’s great pack with wav, pdf, midi, good work. BUt I’m a little disapointed about wav, there isn’t solos ou group tracks like in real strings 3. Is it possible to buy the solo and groups tracks in some place ? Groups tracks and solo Tracks are more useful for me. Thanks in advance for answer, Great regards,

    • Hi Cedric, thanks for your feedback. The group and solo lines in Volume 3 were as a result of feedback from other users. I don’t have solo parts of Volume 2, but I do have the separate stems of violins 1, violins 2, violas and cellos (same as in the scores and midi). I will (at some stage) separate these out and make them freely available to anyone who has bought Volume 2, though I’m not sure when I will get to that job! In the meantime, is there a particular phrase, or set of files from that pack you would like me to separate out? Vous êtes Français? Vous pouvez écrire dans votre langue, si vous le souhaitez! Merci!

  13. Hi Pete, in the meantime, I’m very interested in set 5. Thanks for your efforts. ( oui, je suis français, pardon pour mon horrible écriture 🙂 ). Seperate stems, it’s christmas :).

  14. Thanks man I’m using this for some music in a video

  15. Hi Pete
    Thank you for all of this…Actually, I’m a begining composer , it’s great to be able to read and see some powerfull ideas about the science of arrangement, again, thank you!

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