Score preparation – from midi and audio to the notated score


Score preparation is the task of creating notated scores and parts for orchestral recording sessions.
Many composers these days write using midi and samples, and notation may play only a small part in their creative process, but if an orchestral session is booked for the project then the music has to look right before it will sound right, so midi and audio need to be translated into music notation. Here’s a screen video showing how I prepare midi for notation, and prepare notation for musicians.

5 responses to “Scores

  1. Richard Wiegand

    Thanks so much for your web site, blog and instructional videos. They are truly needed for aspiring songwriters with access to the technology that you mention in your videos. I can only imagine how much you are helping the Mozarts and Beethovens of today and tomorrow. I also love the way you write,arrange and relate to contemporary genres like hip hop, pop and rock as well as the more traditional orchestral genres.

    I have written a few songs myself that need strings and orchestral parts (I’m a guitarist who will be investing in a Korg Workstation shortly with a guitar midi pickup Roland GK-5) – I’d love to hear your opinion of some of my originals some time…may I send them to you via Soundcloud? How may I send the links to you (via e-mail?) Thank you.

  2. Richard Wiegand

    Hi Peter,

    I’ll try and see…here are some of my originals…

    They are ideas that require further development, and my vocals aren’t stellar – I’d love to ask someone to lay down the vocal tracks instead of my own – if you know someone (Right Here at Home lends itself to female vocals for example) – instrumentals work fine as well (for Afterthought, e.g.)

    If you’d like to collaborate on any of these please let me know…I’m open to sharing ownership of them if you were to take interest in any of them to the point of really improving the melodies and arrangements for demo quality. My goal is to get some famous artist to cover any one of them so that I can concentrate on writing music full-time. I am capable of writing a song per week – progressions, arpeggios, and melodies seem to come naturally to me…

    At any rate, I hope you enjoy the music and welcome your comments and suggestions…


    Rich Wiegand
    Seymour, CT

  3. richard smith

    Hi. Great site and great youtube vids! If I sent you a file of an orchestral piece I’m writing, would you be willing to take a listen with a view to perhaps sorting out the string arrangement? (As a commission, of course) I know next to nothing about writing and arranging, I only know what’s in my head and I really struggle to get it to sound as good as it could. The file is a Sibelius or midi file. If you can help then please mail me back with a price. (Are you in Manchester, by any chance?) Cheers, Rick.

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