Emerging Manchester

Emerging Manchester is a project to create string arrangements and recordings for Manchester artists, emerging from the Covid 19 pandemic.

5 artists are taking part in this 1st phase.

The Mouse Outfit

Diving Station

Honey Feet

Rachel Nicholas

John Blaylock

When lockdown started it became clear that some of us musicians wouldn’t be badly affected as we were already working remotely, with income from recorded music. Many of my colleagues were not so lucky. Their live work dried up instantly, orchestral players and artists alike. I felt motivated to respond. I’ve collaborated with Up North Session Orchestra, running shared sessions for music and media that created session work for freelance string players and made live strings accessible to composers and artists through pay-for-what-you-need pricing, where a minute of strings cost just £125. We also gave a free arrangement and recording to Manchester band One Little Atlas.

#EmergingManchester takes this further. Realstrings has created string arrangements and recordings for 5 artists. This provides some session work for Manchester string players and helps artists develop their songs and profile. Putting live strings on a track adds value, I’ve heard it referred to as ‘sync gold’, as strings contribute the kind of timeless qualities and powerful emotion that TV and film loves.

Session done (26th February 2021).

Updates will appear here.