The Lifeshare Choir

Get behind this great project!

John Blaylock and Jote Osahn are setting up a choir in Manchester for those affected by homelessness.  The Lifeshare Choir is open to anyone, rehearsing once a week at Lifeshare, (Charter Street Ragged School 142 Dantzic Street Manchester, M4 4DN) to perform at various venues and events this Christmas.



John and Jote are Manchester musicians, involved in loads of good stuff, including the community music projects of Brighter Sound, based at Band On The Wall.


John says:

“….One of the root causes of homelessness in Manchester is addiction. The body produces endorphins when we sing and these natural highs can encourage participants to feel more positive about themselves, re-connect them to other people and help them gain confidence and self-esteem. Our performances will also demonstrate to participants and audiences how some hard work and commitment can lead to a great sense of achievement and self worth.”

Music and a bit of social compassion?  What could be better.

I’m getting behind this project with some money from Realstrings and we already have the support of a high profile media composer, which gets the pot to £1000.  But we need to raise another £1000 to cover the costs of materials, facilities and the core hours of John and Jote.

Can you get behind it with a donation?  Message me and I’ll fill you in!

pete [ at ] realstrings [ dot ] com.

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