New online audio mixer

In the summer of 2009, my friend Chris Savage made an online audio mixer for me.  I used it to show how I deliver separate stems of my string stuff, and many other musicians have subsequently used it for their own needs.

At the time my wife (who has since left me, hey-ho) was having treatment for cancer, and to get the server files for the mixer I asked for a small donation to Macmillan, the cancer care charity.  We raised over 700 GB pounds.

A couple of years ago I talked to Chris about updating the mixer to html5, to be compatible with more devices.  Shortly after, Chris, who was still a young man, died suddenly.

Now, my friend and colleague Julian Cole has completed the job.  This new mixer will also be a fund-raiser, for suicide prevention charity  Samaritans.  


To receive the files and installation instructions, I ask you to make a small donation. donate

If you already donated for the original mixer, let me know if you want the new one and I’ll send you the files without any further cost to you.

The mixer works in recent browsers – Chrome, Firefox and Safari.  You will need to have a basic understanding of html to get the mixer working on your own server.  I managed it, and my html level is very basic.

Hit me with any questions and please share!


7 responses to “New online audio mixer

  1. Wonderful that online mixer. A great Idea.

  2. Stephen Davies

    Fantastic. Been looking for this for ages.

    Would you be interested in a conversation relating to a project I am working on that could use this technology / code?

    I really want to get hold of the code but I can’t seem to get a donation to go through on justgiving.


  3. Hey Pete…what a great idea!
    do you know if I would be able to embed the code into my website via to make the mixer work on a separate page?

  4. hola amigo, estoy interesado en el pluging, me gustaria hacer una donacion, podrias indicarme donde por favor para que me hagas llegar despues los archivos.

  5. Hi,
    I was planning some protect involving online multitrack albums.
    Some karaoke style to play at home the already studied video lessons.
    Or, to play with friends. Just mute the existent instrument an use the rest on the back.
    There,s more things in that style (ie, where I,m collaborating).
    But I want to do something special on my own.
    Coul’d be that mixer the thing I need? Thank you.

  6. Hi realstrings. is there a way to get the 1.0.4 version? I have the 1.0.3 script and it seems to be bugging in Safari on mac and so i wanted to try and update it

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