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Lifeshare at Christmas 2015

lifehsareNot long till Lifeshare at Christmas, and once again I am seeking performers willing to give half an hour for the homeless of Manchester.

Lifeshare at Christmas is a week-long drop in at the charity’s premises on Dantzic Street in Manchester, where everyone gets a warm welcome, meals, medical support, chats, games and entertainment.  It is entirely run by volunteers, from the 23rd – the 29th December.

LifeshareStageIt’s a very informal setting.  There’s a small stage, a digital piano and an accompanist if you need one (me).  Performances are generally at 11 or 2, each day.

For people who have slipped below our society’s survival line, your performance is more than half an hour’s entertainment; it’s a gesture that shows  those who are suffering  the practical challenges of homelessness, and the emotional challenges of rejection and exclusion, that they have not been left behind.

LifesharePerformersIf any of my friends and colleagues who have taken part in previous years could leave a comment about how the experience was (even if you can’t do it this year), it might encourage others!

Not sure whether to go for it? Comment here or email me.