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Realstrings 5: Uplifting Cinematic

My biggest string loops project to date has just been released at Loopmasters. Realstrings 5: Uplifting Cinematic.

RS5-CoverThe theme of this pack (and another coming out later this year) is uplifting, inspiring, good-feel, sync-friendly strings.  Everyone wants their music to get synced.  It’s additional revenue, it’s exposure, it’s kudos.  Advertising, documentaries, sports, drama, they all need music, ‘cos however great the visuals, it’s the music that brings out the emotion in their stories.

Listen to any music to picture, and more often than not, strings are in the mix, since they support emotion and character so convincingly.

This is a collection of 640 real strings loops and phrases, written around common chord sequences and presented in 10 construction kits, at tempos from 120 – 130 bpm.   Use individual phrases, or stack them up for rich orchestration.

All the loops are 4 bars, supplied as full mixes and separate stems (violins 1, violins 2, violas, cellos). Most files are 5 bar in length, to include the ambient tail.

Each construction kit includes:

  • Pads for warm, flowing, simple chord movement.
  • Rising lines,  to create crescendos and a musical lift.
  • Melodies that sweep and soar.
  • Figures, to bubble along and provide movement.
  • Staccatos for punch and drive.
  • Riffs that are simple and hooky.
  • Runs for sudden, swirling flourish.

This short video takes a look inside the pack.

And here is a demo track produced by Julian Cole.