Making a PPL claim

pukingAs a musician, I lack the ‘admin chromosome’.  This means that doing things like accounts, paperwork and form-filling makes me ill.

So doing a PPL claim is not top of the list of fun things to do on a Monday night.  But if you have played on a commercial recording, you should be registered, to receive royalties.  With the help of this video, I’m asking you to feel the fear, grab a bucket, and do it anyway.

PPL (Phonographic Performance Limited) collects royalties on behalf of musicians who have played on recordings that are broadcast on TV and Radio.  It’s not a lot, but if the track is popular then it can build up to a significant sum.

Sometimes, your contribution to a recording is registered with PPL by the record label, more often, you have to do it yourself and the PPL website, in my experience, is not the most user-friendly experience, until you have navigated its quirky features.

This video takes you through the steps of a claim, in a way that I believe works!  If I have made any errors or omissions (as I was vomiting whilst making this, obviously) please comment here.  To see the vid in better detail, watch full-screen on the Vimeo page.

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