Monthly Archives: June 2012

Stooshe – Black Heart

Another classy Future Cut production –  Black Heart by Stooshe, with some dead simple strings from us.

See the score here (Sibelius Scorch).

Online Loops Sequencer – part 2

Version 2 of the Realstrings online loops sequencer is up now, loaded with some loops from Realstrings Volume 2 and from Realstrings Volume 3.

There are improvements to the transport controls, a pre-loaded arrangement, mute and volume controls, and some visual updates.  Respect to Flash programmer Chris Savage who has overcome some challenging technical difficulties to create this.  The sequencer does not have the functionality of a computer-based DAW (digital audio workstation) but for a browser-based interactive programme I reckon it’s stunning.  We are now working on a version for ipad.

The sequencer allows you to play with some of the loops before you decide to buy, so you get a better idea of whether your music would benefit from these packs than you might get from the usual audio demos.  I’m confident it will be a valuable way to demonstrate any construction-kit style loops pack and if you are a loops creator who would like to license this Flash programme from the developer, please comment here or use the contact page.

online loops sequencer