Skrillex and realstrings

My son likes to pick out tunes on the piano, like you do, and I help him find the notes if he gets stuck.  He’s nailed the Axel F theme and asked to learn another one, which he sang to me, and opened up on YouTube.  The riff he was singing sounded familiar.  It was; I wrote it.

Skrillex – love him or hate him.  His name makes Dubstep afficianados involuntarily vomit apparently.  The tune  Ruffneck has plays in the millions on Youtube.  Not sure if it’s getting loads of radio play or selling much.

There’s some debate on music forums about where the string samples are from, with suggestions that they’re off an 80s pop or tv track.

Nope, they are all from Disco Strings, by, 20 quid from Loopmasters. 

Here they are at their original tempo of 114 bpm.  Loops 18A, 18B and 66B.

It’s probably about the only time my lad has had any interest in Dad’s work!

6 responses to “Skrillex and realstrings

  1. That’s a great story Pete, excellent!

  2. I’ve been looking for this sample, and now I finally found it.
    Very nice string samples you’ve made.

  3. There’s a big question that keeps popping up in my mind when it comes to using these loop libraries. And that is the question of ownership. In other words would Skrillex be able to sue me if I decided to use those 3 same loops in that same order? I feel like once a melody becomes part of a loop library, it would be much harder to sue considering that you didn’t really come up with the idea entirely. It sure gets complicated. Just something to think about.

    • Interesting question! I would say it would not be a copyright infringement to use the same loops in the same way, what are your thoughts on this? The musical identity of the melody is in the original loops, and they are sold as copyright-free.

  4. I feel the same way. I would think anybody who purchases a loop cd should not have to worry about whether someone else already used the same loops in the same manner at least when it comes to the law. Of course artistically you might not want to do that, but that’s for another discussion.

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