Emotional connection

Music touches us emotionally.  It can do this in isolation but more often it is linked to another human experience.  Music in film is an obvious place to see this, but even in pop, music works in conjunction with other emotional stimuli –  often cultural and social.

Military WivesSo it shouldn’t be a surprise that the Military Wives are number 2 in the album chart.    We contributed strings for 3 of the tracks.  There may be critics who will dismiss the content of In My Dreams as trite, but don’t dismiss the response of thousands of people who have bought this music and have made an emotional connection with it, and with what the singers represent.

Here is an excerpt from With Or Without You.  Produced by Jon Cohen, released by Decca.


2 responses to “Emotional connection

  1. Beautiful. Brilliant adaptation of the U2 hit song! A totally different perspective.

  2. It’s sound isn’t it? Vast swathes of people, non-musicians, in the world resonate with sounds that have been organised by someone who calls them music, but at its most basic level it is sound. I’ve travelled to the coast to record certain waves at a certain location just because of the particular sound, and similarly recorded my own footsteps in shingle for the same reason. I recorded a bird at the top of a tall tree singinging for all it was worth, a proclamation of it’s very life-song, amazing. I’m really pleased that this evocative album uses the sound you produce because it is a similar voicing no doubt to the true content of this album. I feel sure (having purchased your work) that it helps to make the signpost in sound which shows us the way to experiencing something rather telling emotionally, just as you point out in your opening comment.
    Best wishes. Neil

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