Online loops sequencer

A couple of my loops libraries from Loopmasters are organised as construction kits, so a while back I asked my friend, Flash genius and God of all things nerdy, Chris Savage, to create a web-based loops sequencer, to showcase some loops and let users layer them up and see how the building blocks worked.
It’s been 6 months in the making and finally here is version 1 of the Realstrings Online Loops Sequencer.  Audition loops from the selection down the right, drag and drop onto the tracks to layer up and sequence.

I’ll be commissioning updates for Version 2 in the next couple of weeks based on user feedback, so I welcome any suggestions!
How far can we take a sequencer within a browser?
Click on the image to launch in a new window.
Loops Sequencer

3 responses to “Online loops sequencer

  1. This is really sweet. The samples sound brilliant, and being able to layer them gives me a sense of how I could use them in composition.

    Not sure how many samples are there as I can’t seem to scroll the page down (maybe make the waveform pictures smaller?). And there were some timing issues (sometimes it tried to play the loops at double speed) on Firefox and Opera.

    • Thanks David, the developer alerted me to the missing scroll bar. Not sure about the double speed thing but all useful to feedback to Chris for version 2. One of the remarkable issues Chris has overcome is smooth looping mp3s. When you convert to mp3 from wav, you get a small amount of space at the front and back ends of the file so normally an mp3 will not loop seemlessly like a wav. Not sure how he has done this but that was the biggest development issue I think.

  2. Excellent idea and being able to play around like this is brilliant. I use explorer and what was on the screen worked fine.

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