In the charts with Olly Murs

Finally, a track I worked on at number 1 in the singles chart!  Olly Mur’s Dance With Me Tonight, produced by Futurecut.

You have to listen pretty carefully to hear our contribution which doesn’t start till about minute before the end.  Strings were arranged and recorded throughout the track but just the last bit made it to the mix.  Simple arrangement, straightforward to record, not much different from any other pop job, except this is doing good business!



3 responses to “In the charts with Olly Murs

  1. Congratulations Pete. Onwards & upwards

  2. How simple a tune (I vi IV V) and revival of 50’s rock-n-roll. Amazing what a great beat can do. This must have been a breeze for you but a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing your work with everyone. –

  3. Congrats Peter!

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