String Arranging – part 2

A few years ago I made an ‘Introduction to String Arranging’ video, to share some working practices.  It’s taken a while, but here is Part 2.

This gets a little more technical, but reflects how I approach arranging strings for a song.  The song is Es Mejor Asi, by Solstice Duo, a track from their 1st album, produced by Luis Alonso in Costa Rica.

And the Sibelius score is here.

4 responses to “String Arranging – part 2

  1. This is great but your explanations are barely audible most of the time. You should lower the music while speaking or use a sidechained compressor.

    Thanks for your generosity Pete!

  2. Hey i got a bit of time now, if you want i can remix the audio so that your voice becomes more clear. Dont hesitate to contact me if you are ok with it!

  3. Thanks very much for the kind offer Ed! I’ll leave this one now, but I’ll be more careful next time!

  4. Oh, man. That is SO sweet. Thanks for sharing.

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