Virtual musicians

10 years ago I started being a virtual recording musician – recording strings in my own studio and returning files to the composer/producer over the internet.  I’d been arranging and writing and orchestrating for years, but I reckoned that if I had a home studio it would revolutionize what I could offer and how I could work.  At the time, I didn’t see many other musicians setting up their own studio, while composers embraced the idea and it quickly became the norm for a composer – you have a studio where you can produce industry standard work.

I started a wiki resource a few years back to collect names and links of musicians doing a similar thing.  No interest then, but a little more now.  So, if you play an instrument to a high standard, can arrange for your instrument, read music and have your own recording facility, please add yourself to


One response to “Virtual musicians

  1. bloody great idea pete – i wish there was a quality website created for serious online session players to advertise.

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