Virtual Intern

I’m looking for a virtual intern.  Someone with a passion for learning and string arranging with whom I can share my knowledge and experience and, ultimately, pass work to.

I believe that anyone with some years of achievement in the creative arts industry has a responsibility to foster the aspirations of a new generation of creatives.  And since the internet has changed how we communicate, this intern will be virtual.  We might never meet in person.

I’ve been considering setting this up for some time.  The fees debacle in higher education and the recent focus on what constitutes higher education has tipped me over the edge!  If, as a student, you are required to invest heavily in your learning, then consider a virtual internship as an alternative (or an addition) to higher education.

I cannot offer a qualification; I will not attempt to deliver formal lessons; I will use your work and mine to help you develop your own learning and build a career.  I don’t claim to be an expert, but a practitioner.
I’ve drafted some specifications; these may be refined after feedback.

Is this you?
String player (violin, viola, cello or double bass)
Completed some arrangement and compositions for strings
Logic user (preferred)
Sibelius user (preferred)
Competent with both midi and notation
Home recording set-up and audio recording experience (preferred)
English speaking

Race, age, gender, geographical location are not relevant.

11 responses to “Virtual Intern

  1. sounds like an amazing opportunity for someone….

  2. I’ve had a few replies from some very talented people. I will write to each of them explaining a little more about what I think I can offer and whether it is something that will really be of benefit to them. I should say that the door is always open, thanks to blogs and Twitter.

  3. Hi!! I’ve seen your request, and I’d like to contact with you.
    I’m Enrique Martin, I live in Spain, and I am musician/choral conductor, I own a “home” studio, Logic User, Sibelius and finale, LASS, Symphobia, True Strike and many more. Please let me your email to send you a full curriculum and samples of my work.

  4. Hi Enrique, I’m going to email you. Are you a string player? I feel I can best support someone with the same skill set as me, which I why I ask to offer my support to a string player.

  5. What an awesome opportunity you are offering mate, I hope this turns out well for yourself and your intern. 🙂

  6. Update: My intern / assistant is Julian Cole. He will be working on various aspects of any arrangements that I undertake.

  7. I think this is a fabulous opportunity for someone. I have been saying recently that i want to do something similar by offering someone my knowledge on the subject of programming, engineering & songwriting. I would absolutely love to apply for this but unfortunately do not play a string instrument. I wish the successful applicant the best of luck. What an opportunity.

  8. Pete, If ever you are looking for a noter intern in the future. Please consider me. Thanks so much. Eanan

  9. Hello realstrings! Please consider me for any other work overflow you may have for yet another intern. I am an avid touring musician who’s strengths lie mostly in creative composition and production. I’ve developed an appetite for orchestral arranging lately and came across this site via guided luck! Very cool! Have you ever worked with or heard of The Fauxharmonic Orchestra? I worked with Paul for a song on my last record called Yesterday’s Cup (reprise) that you can hear/download for free here:

    I’m a logic user, a music lover, and a creative thinker ready to work on anything and everything musical!

  10. Thanks Thomas, yes I know Paul at The Fauxharmonic Orchestra – excellent stuff! Thanks for your offer – do you lay a string instrument?

  11. Hi, This sounds like a great opportunity. My main DAW is Logic. In the past I’ve used Studio Vision Pro, Pro Tools, and Cubase but for me Logic is the best. I’ve used both Sibelius and Finale but recently have been looking at Notion 3 for orchestration. It (Notion) just seems to be cleaner and faster. I have done some composing and arranging of strings for film. I am seeking opportunities to collaborate and refine my skills. If this opportunity is still open I would love to hear from you.

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