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Virtual musicians

10 years ago I started being a virtual recording musician – recording strings in my own studio and returning files to the composer/producer over the internet.  I’d been arranging and writing and orchestrating for years, but I reckoned that if I had a home studio it would revolutionize what I could offer and how I could work.  At the time, I didn’t see many other musicians setting up their own studio, while composers embraced the idea and it quickly became the norm for a composer – you have a studio where you can produce industry standard work.

I started a wiki resource a few years back to collect names and links of musicians doing a similar thing.  No interest then, but a little more now.  So, if you play an instrument to a high standard, can arrange for your instrument, read music and have your own recording facility, please add yourself to

Virtual Intern

I’m looking for a virtual intern.  Someone with a passion for learning and string arranging with whom I can share my knowledge and experience and, ultimately, pass work to.

I believe that anyone with some years of achievement in the creative arts industry has a responsibility to foster the aspirations of a new generation of creatives.  And since the internet has changed how we communicate, this intern will be virtual.  We might never meet in person.

I’ve been considering setting this up for some time.  The fees debacle in higher education and the recent focus on what constitutes higher education has tipped me over the edge!  If, as a student, you are required to invest heavily in your learning, then consider a virtual internship as an alternative (or an addition) to higher education.

I cannot offer a qualification; I will not attempt to deliver formal lessons; I will use your work and mine to help you develop your own learning and build a career.  I don’t claim to be an expert, but a practitioner.
I’ve drafted some specifications; these may be refined after feedback.

Is this you?
String player (violin, viola, cello or double bass)
Completed some arrangement and compositions for strings
Logic user (preferred)
Sibelius user (preferred)
Competent with both midi and notation
Home recording set-up and audio recording experience (preferred)
English speaking

Race, age, gender, geographical location are not relevant.