Teaching and learning

free to learnThe internet has liberated the joy of learning. The formal structure of education that has thrown up barriers to genuine freedom to learn gets a kick in the balls from the share and share alike community we have built ourselves online. Here, a young musician (in the states I guess, but what does it matter) emails about something I can help him with. Who could refuse?

Hi Pete. Let me say first off I love your string instruction videos. They have helped to make a me a better beat maker. But that is just it, I am a beat maker and I want to be something more I would like to start creating string arrangements to send to you and I would like for you to tell me what you think of them. I have my own audio editing software in FL Studio and instrument Edirol Orchestral. I would like to become more of a producer who is more off a
chameleon when it comes to music. I have no real formal training in music but, I have had a piano for almost a year. Also if you could, could you direct me to maybe some more techniques or videos for orchestration that would be of great help. I am enclosing some music of mines that I have created. I would like your opinion on it and especially could you tell me what you think of the short string arrangement that begins about 30 seconds into the song. In conclusion, what I am basically askin you is could you teach me how to do something like you did for the rhymefest song i which I am able to create string arrangement but for my music instead of other.

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  1. thx for you help!

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