Cada Vez strings

Guy Robin is a young producer, into his live instruments and musical arrangements.  His remix of Cada Vez is the 2nd track we’ve put strings on – Guy likes his strings dramatic and flambouyant!

This video follows the string score – edited down to 3 minutes.  Download the track from Traxsource.

I’d like to see more composers and arrangers share scores in a way that easily links the audio to the notation.  A YouTube video isn’t ideal as the screen is so small.  Sibelius Scorch is an excellent way to put a score online, but there is no audio attached to it, other than the option to play the score with midi (not pretty).  Study scores are tremendously valuable in learning skills – imagine John Williams scores presented online, full-screen in this way!

iAnalyse looks like an excellent programme that should do this; I have a licence but have been putting off learning another programme!  And I’ve not seen an example bigger than the usual video format yet – nothing full screen.

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