Disco Strings loops pack

Disco – it never really went away and its musical influence pervades many other genres, not least in the stylistic writing for strings that came out of the classic arrangements of the 70s.

So my 2nd loops pack for Loopmasters tackles the fun and emotion that characterises disco strings.

I’ve also made a video, demonstrating some of the features of strings in disco.

The pack costs just under 20 GB pounds and includes nearly 200 files, ranging from single pull-down stabs, to 8 bar phrases.  See the score for all the main loops as a Sibelius Scorch file here.  And post any questions about the pack below!

Special thanks to Bob Christie at Langdale Productions for his advice on disco and his copious reference material!

3 responses to “Disco Strings loops pack

  1. I recently purchased this Sample CD & had expected each instrument to be a separate stereo file so that i could re arrange the parts to fit my own songs. In some cases the files are separated into upper & lower parts but each part still contains more than one string instrument & therefore cannot be edited. It’s a fantastic CD but appears that the only way to use it is by using the original chords. Maybe i am missing something. What is the best way to use this CD.
    Thank you

  2. Hi Pete, thanks for buying the sample pack and thanks for the feedback here. I never know how much to strip the loops down into individual stems, so it’s good to hear the views of users. If you can let me know which loops you’d like separated stems for, I’ll try to supply them to you. Some of the lower string chords were recorded as ensemble performances so only exist as chords but hopefully I can separate out anything you need.

  3. Hi Pete,
    Thanks for the stems. I have been buying sample CDs for many years & Disco Strings is by far the best. It is amazing.

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