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Alice In Wonderland – the game

Richard Jacques is a prolific composer, with a fearsome list of credits in video games.  He’s recently completed work on the score to Disney’s Alice In Wonderland, the game based on the new Tim Burton movie. The game features over 50 minutes of original music and was released on March 4th 2010, for PC, Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii, as well as the Apple iPhone.

Richard is comfortable with both sampled orchestral production and real instruments and this score is a great example of how the 2 disciplines combine.  The strings are by (in combination with Richard’s sample libraries) but where samples end and real instruments take over it’s difficult to tell.  And this is not untypical in putting together contemporary scores; it’s rarely as simple as one thing or the other, but rather making the best of both.  This is one of the cues from the score, but many more mp3 examples are on