Daniel Evans

A quick shout out for Daniel Evans and his new album No Easy Way.  Daniel was an X Factor finalist in 2008 but this is not a product of the Simon Cowell machine, Daniel has financed and produced this himself.
His strategy to achieve sales seems to be good old fashioned respect for his fans.
He works hard on Facebook, Twitter and his website to respond to his fans and his choice of songs reflects both his own personal muscal passions and his fan base, He makes a point of trying to connect socially with all his fans and the web lets him do that really effectively.  Here’s a short mix of 4 tunes from the album that feature strings from realstrings.com


3 responses to “Daniel Evans

  1. Nice work Pete……are the girls chasing you down the streets of Manchester?

    Is that your studio – top right?

  2. Hey Dom, I’ve not noticed anyone chasing me to be honest! Flickr stream studio shots are http://www.astarstudios.com

  3. Thanks for the shout Pete, the strings were amazing and you made it so easy and painless and can’t thank you enough for what you did, it truly transformed the album…


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