Organic Loops

It’s taken me a while, but finally I’ve got a strings loops library up and selling!

And currently it’s number 2 in the bestseller list on Loopmasters.  It’s a long term investment taking on a project like this, but provides another angle to my work (you’ve got to evolve and exploit your own specialisms!). I looked at other outlets for string loops, but none seemed to have the marketing machine that Loopmasters achieves.  (The library is on Organic Loops, mainly sold through Loopmasters.)

Here’s the demo – put together by Rob at Organic Loops.

So, motivated by this success, I’m moving straight on to a disco strings project.  Starting point for something like this is to study the genre – so here’s my Spotify playlist which is providing some inspiration!

4 responses to “Organic Loops

  1. Hello there Pete….Your music is well known to us via our son Dominik Johnson…Just thought we should say a great BIG THANK YOU for All the guidance, support and encoragement over the past few years. Dominik musical talents, range and recording abilities are without doubt very influenced by you’ue goodself….Many thanks Pete ! Good Luck and GOOD Health to YOU and YOURs ( family)
    Cheers Libby & Tony Johnson
    (aka Doms “old folks”

  2. I just bought this. It is AMAZING. Nothing but Quality!

  3. Thanks! Hope you get loads of use from the samples. If you finish any tunes using them, I hope you will post a link back here.

  4. Definitely will do! Just waiting on the monitors I ordered to finally arrive

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