Online audio mixer


New html5 version now ready!

I get more hits on my site looking for an online audio mixer than looking for my string arranging work! This mixer has now been updated for html5. Please look here.

A quick and dirty post to launch my new online multitrack mixer, coded by Chris Savage.  Still some development to do but try it out!  Click on the image to launch.mixerI’m going to use this to demonstrate how I supply strings as individual stereo stems, and the flexibility this gives composers and producers.  For now, this is just a library track, split up into stems.   The coding is such that publishing a new mixer simply involves editing some text in an xml file, converting my audio to mp3s and uploading a folder of stuff to a server.  I don’t need to touch html or Flash – everything in the mixer is determined by plain and simple text, that looks as boring as this.

<trackTitle>Realstrings – the stems</trackTitle>

<label>Violins 1</label>

New html5 version now ready!

80 responses to “Online audio mixer

  1. Hi Pete,
    I think the mixer is great! When studying harmony and counterpoint all those years ago i craved for something like this!

  2. Hi Pete,

    What a great player. I’ve been reading your other post on it and it seems very user friendly.
    If possible I’d love to use it on my website. Have visitors mix my stems. I have a friend who understands programming. Do you think it’s possible to add some options? (for instance saving settings, adding a pan-knob or having people import their own vocal-track in my mix )?

    Thanks Bob Kolsters
    Groningen, Holland
    (ps, my site is under contruction)

  3. Thanks for your comment Bob. I have talked to the programmer about adding pan and other features, but it’s not something I’m working on at the moment. I’ll zip up all the files and send them to you.

    • Greetings! I too love your multitrack mixer and would absolutely love to use it for practice purposes with my jazz choir. Would it be possible to use this software? Thank you.

  4. I really love this mixer thast you’ve developed. I would love to have one like it on my website. I’ve been kicking around the idea of giving fans the ability to check out mixes and isolate tracks. What info would i need to have a mixer like this on my site? Thanks in advance for an help!


  5. Hi Scott, I will email all the stuff you need!

  6. hi pete!
    this mixer is really great. i’m searching for something like this for weeks!
    i am working with choirs and was searching for a method to publish the different tracks for learning.
    i’ve tried to create my own flash-player but its to difficult to me! 😦
    perhaps you could help me out?
    sry for my bad english… 🙂

  7. Scott,

    I’m developing a site that could use a mixer like this! What’s involved in getting it?

  8. Hi,
    I’m interested in using this great mixer to aid in guitar lessons. Any chance you can tell me how to get it? or maybe I can barter some audio producing for it?

    Nate Cryns

  9. Hi there,
    Your strings sound wonderful and the xml player is a really elegant way of illustrating the nuances and allowing interaction.
    Could you send me a copy of the files? I’ve seen no mixers that can rival it.Your friend must truly be a computer wiz!
    Much appreciated

  10. Wow, this is so awesome! But, I can’t find any reference to the .xml file in the html mixer site. Could you email me the project files too?
    Best regards, Mads

  11. Hi Pete! Great mixer – thanks for documenting! How can I obtain the files so I can install it on my website as well? Thanks!


  12. Hi Pete! Excellent mixer! I would LOVE to put this on my site! I have a site where I showcase my mixes. I would love to allow my users to interact and play around with some of my tracks. Is this something that I can do? Please let me know! Thank you so much for the great work! =)

  13. Greetings…Great work! I’ve composed a ‘fight song’ for the local elementary school and would like to put all the instruments on separate tracks so the students can mute/unmute/mix the song to see how things all work together. I would like to add this mixer program to my website for all the students to view. Please let me know where, how, how much and what I can do to help this along… Regards, Thomas

  14. Congratulations with this nice project! Is it possible I include this in my own website so that our band members can practice with their own part muted?
    Is it available for download somewhere?
    Yours sincerely,

  15. Thanks, Pete, for this great item! I’ve successfully put the school ‘fight song’ I wrote on the web with 8 tracks. It’s available to the students to hear how all the parts fit together and as a general learning tool. If anyone wants to check it out:
    Thanks, again!

  16. Pete, I have been searching for something like this.. is there anyway you could send me the files? Thanks!

  17. Hi Pete
    First of all: great mixer!

    I’ve programmed a web-page to to learn hymn for several voices. Intended for people who are illiterate with sheet music. Is it possible to get this mixer for my site?


  18. i want audio mixer

  19. This looks amazing. Could you send me the files involved? I would love to learn from the implementation!

  20. I would love to use this on a site I developed. I created a website for a high school choir program with the purpose of helping them learn their parts and for them to have the ability to practice at home. Currently they can listen to their parts individually, but it would be fantastic if I could mix the files with this program too.

  21. Hi Pete! Very nice and cool. How could i get the mixer? I would like to use it in our flamenco school webpage. Would that be posible?
    Thanks in advance!

  22. Great job! I have been looking for a long time something simple and clear like this. I would love to use it for my music classroom at school. I guess it would be great for music student, in order to better understand an arrangement or to practicse using the recording as playalong.
    where can I find the code?

  23. Hi Pete! I’d love to use your mixer for my band so we can practice individually at home when we can’t in person. Could I have the web files?

  24. Dear Ralph, same here, I would very much like to experiment with your online mixer, if possible…
    Kind regards from the Netherlands,

  25. Great player! I wonder if I could use it with a proposed customization: I would like to you it to show difference between before and after mixing. The mute button would function just like a chess watch: only one stem can and must be active at the same time. Thanks for your answer in advance, best regards, Zsolt

    • Interesting idea! I don’t have the Flash programming skills to do that, but I could put you in touch with the developer, Chris Savage. He may take on a commission to further develop this. If that would be of interest, please email me. Address is on the contact page. Best regards!

  26. I would love to use this for my site. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for. Would you mind sending me the files?

  27. This player is exactly what I am looking for. I see you’re sharing it with others and would like to see about getting the player. I am developing a post on my blog using different drum mics and want people to be able to mix them together to hear the difference. Thanks and Great work!

  28. Awesome plugin! I am creating multitrack files to assist choirs in learning their music. This plugin would be perfect for what I am doing. Would you mind sending me the files? Thank you so much!

  29. Wow. Awesome. I would like to use this please. Is it open source? I’m working on a cc by-sa music project. Beautiful music by the way. i’m a bout to explore more.

  30. Love it. Please send me the source files.

  31. Gladly Craig! All I ask is that you make a small contribution to this charity page.

  32. Hi Pete, I could really make good use of this tech. I am happy to make a contribution to this excellent cause.

  33. Hi Pete,
    I spent my holiday looking for a web based mixer or any project on sourceforge and google-code. Today I found your post and tried out the mixer. I would like to use it on my personal website so that guests can mix my tracks. I used to work as a recording engineer, but now work in the telecommunications field. So, this is really now only a hobby of mine. But I am hoping I can understand the underlying code enough to increase the track capacity to 8 or 16 track, possibly add solo function, panning…
    By the way, nice strings!! I like to crank the viola and cello up 🙂
    Hope you can send me the files. Thanks.

  34. Hi pete, i see it very useful. i ll like to have the posibility to introduce any mp3 (or audio format) and to mix it with others. im bandoneon player (tango). can you explain me how to do it, and if you can introduce it in any html web page? . i dont have any problem to give you the credits and a contribution to this cause. thanks in advance.

  35. Pete,
    I work for a non-profit organization that helps musicians. We record as a ‘band’ and I would love to use this to give them the ability to listen back to what they have played in their own time to ‘self critique’ their music.

    I have been looking for something like this everywhere. Can’t wait to try it out.

    Thank you,

  36. Hi Pete,

    I’m with the University of Georgia, Brown Media Archives and I’d like to give people the ability to listen to multitrack audio tapes from some of our collections. Your tool is EXACTLY what I need! No fancy stuff, just the basics to enable access. This is very exciting!

    Alexander Kroh

  37. Hi Pete,

    As we are recording ourselves with our band, I would be very happy to use your tool under the creative commons license.
    This way the members of our band can check out their own performance making a quick mix of their own !
    Could you also send me a copy, please ?

  38. Hey Pete – any chance I could use it too?

  39. Hello there, i would love to use your mixer on my site please.

  40. Would love a copy of this – can you send me the files? Happy to make a donation to a worthy cause. Thank you for all your work on this!

  41. Yes- this is great! Glad to donate to support.
    This looks awesome. Each week I multi-track record our worship team. In post production this would be an excellent tool for our worship team to analyse their work. Please send files.
    Example of our choir =
    We are a group of Christians, lively and full of hope.

  42. Hi pete, this is exactly what i was looking for! an audio mixer with creative commons license! i would love it if you could send me the latest version please. I also promise to contribute as i believe it deserves every penny, but as soon as i start making some profit on my site, i can wait to try it out! thanks.

    • I asked jordany007 for a small contribution to my charity page in exchange for the online mixer files. He wasn’t happy with that arrangement.

      What a cheap why to beg for money pete! it would’ve been better if you’d just sell it straight ahead not just fool people with lies that you’re going to give them the plugin for free if they used it under creative commons license, that’s pathetic.

  43. Yes! that’s exactly what i said! because what you sent me is contradictory to what you’ve asked people to do in order for them to be able to use the plugin! In the Email you made it clear that i can only use your plugin if i donated for you! that’s weird, Aren’t donations suppose to be optional? NO! because you’re just trying to sell it, might it as well try to do it the right way through a decent selling system! not play around the idea. I honestly have no problem buying a plugin i need, but being manipulated like that is a no no for me. Your plugin might be good, and under other circumstances i would’ve probably bought it for more than 15$ but my only issue, that i don’t think you’re a decent man, and i know it for a fact that even my comment here might not get published because i exposed you.

  44. Hi Pete,
    I found this mixer from a google search and it is fantastic. If possible I would like to use it on my website (still under construction) to give users the chance to play about with the layers of one of my tracks? I will make a contribution now on the just giving site.

  45. Dear Peter,
    I’m a bass singer in the acapella ensemble “The Voice Connection” from Germany. I found the player because I want to share our rehearsal recordings with the other group members. It’s such a great tool. I would really appreciate it if I could use your player on our internal website so that all of us could listen to the single tracks of our rehearsal day. How much is the contribution you normally accept?
    Thanks a lot and have a nice day,

  46. Hi Pete
    I did a donation. Would you please send me the files for this great audio mixer? 🙂

    Best wishes

  47. Hi Peter
    I too love your mixer and would like to use it on my website so my visitors can make their own stem mixes of the audio. It would be so helpful if you could email me the files. I’ll be happy to make a donation.
    Rob T

  48. Hello Pete! I made a donation! I would like to use the mixer for my quartet! Please send me a copy of the files!

  49. Hi Pete! This is very cool. I made a donation. I’m hoping to use this for practice tracks I make for my choir students! I would love the files if able, thanks!

  50. Hello Pete. 1. Will I be able to add more faders to the console? 2. I have no problem making a donation but I don’t like entering my Credit Card details online. Can I wire you a donation or use Paypal?

    • Hi Jamie

      You can add unto 8 channels on the mixer. It is a Flash object, so doesn’t work on iPad.
      The JustGiving page should allow you to donate with Paypal, but that depends on what part of the world you are in!

  51. hey, I do not own any credit card, but would like to use your great mixer! Can I donate per paypal? Thanks!

  52. Thanks Pete, have donated. No Paypal though.

    • So I had a look around the Help section of the JustGiving site and it seems you would need to donate in GB pounds to be given the Paypal option, still think this may not work in some territories of the world.

  53. Hi, does each channel on mixer allow multiple mp3 files to be queued or even played in shuffle, I am looking for custom features & would like to speak to the developer.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Matt, I think you may be looking for something different. This one can queue tracks or shuffle. It’s main feature is multitrack playback. The developer was an immensely talented man called Chris Savage, who sadly died 2 years ago.

  54. Hi, I was looking for a utility to do exactly this. I work with church singers and musicians and being able to provide my singers (or players) with audio they can mix to learn their parts is exactly what I need. I donated to your charity page, may I have the files to use this tool?

  55. Well, I tried to donate. Apparently it’s rejecting my card for some unknown reason…

  56. Quick update. Finally an html5 version of this online audio mixer. More info to follow.

  57. Hi. I’ve just made a donation, what is the next step? Thanks in advance Pete.

  58. hey a year ago you send me the old audio mixer… is it possible to get the new one html5? Would be really nice!!!!!

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