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Soundcloud – embed on

Finally, some social media gets past the police!  (No offense WordPress!)

Here’s a track I wrote years ago.  Now if WordPress would just let us embed some other stuff I would be a truly contented bloke.

Online audio mixer


New html5 version now ready!

I get more hits on my site looking for an online audio mixer than looking for my string arranging work! This mixer has now been updated for html5. Please look here.

A quick and dirty post to launch my new online multitrack mixer, coded by Chris Savage.  Still some development to do but try it out!  Click on the image to launch.mixerI’m going to use this to demonstrate how I supply strings as individual stereo stems, and the flexibility this gives composers and producers.  For now, this is just a library track, split up into stems.   The coding is such that publishing a new mixer simply involves editing some text in an xml file, converting my audio to mp3s and uploading a folder of stuff to a server.  I don’t need to touch html or Flash – everything in the mixer is determined by plain and simple text, that looks as boring as this.

<trackTitle>Realstrings – the stems</trackTitle>

<label>Violins 1</label>

New html5 version now ready!