Mission Impossible – a musical analysis

The theme to Mission Impossible fascinates me and I’ve created a short video, exploring its musical language, to try and explain why it works so well.  It’s a composition that manages to straddle tonality and chromaticism, yet still sound natural, accessible, listenable.

I’m a big fan of video as a medium to communicate musical discussions, as it brings together all the elements of text, voice, music, notation, images and diagrams onto one stage.

Have I missed anything, do you disagree with my analysis?  Have your say!

4 responses to “Mission Impossible – a musical analysis

  1. Great job, Pete! I’m a big fan of your blog and it is posts like this that makes me always come back for the “next episode.”

    Can we expect more musical analyses in the near future? Perhaps a short series on memorable movie themes. If I may, how about The Pink Panther? In my mind, its melody evokes the image of someone walking inconspicuously always two steps at a time. I’d be very interested in understanding why it works so well; every child to whom I play it on the piano seems to love it right away. How’s that for objective assessment? 😉

  2. Thanks Bob – I’m having a go at videos on a few topics, not sure what is next!

  3. Thank you for your great work! Did you analyse some movie theme like “Austin Powers”, “Triplet of Belleville”, “Pink Panther”?

  4. Amazing thanks for the tips it really helped me!

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