Introduction to string arranging

I’ve been asked to do a guest lecture about string arranging, so I’ve prepared a short introductory video, demonstrating one way of approaching some basics.  There are lots of things strings can do in an arrangement, but here I just focus on strings as a pad, with some extra features.

A better resolution Quicktime version is here. String Arranging.

8 responses to “Introduction to string arranging

  1. Fantastic job! I’d been looking for a video tutorial like this one for a while now. It gave me enough insight that I already feel more confident pulling off a simple strings arrangement for a demo song I’m currently working on. Thanks.

  2. Thanks Bob! I should add that this is not the only approach, but one that works for me. And I have crammed far too much into 8 bars than you might typically need!

  3. Brilliant tutorial Pete. I`m going to have to get you to give a string quartet I wrote in my student days the once over!

  4. Another great tutorial Pete! Very thorough and well laid out. The idea of space hit home – I’m always OVER-producing everything!!

  5. This is a really great tutorial. You are a great teacher – is should know I used to be one! I am getting involved in writing some music and builiding up arrangements for a sort of light melodic jazz orchestra – its builiding up into about a nine piece in my head which probably needs examining! My cunning plan is to add strings. I’ve never written for strings before and I like your stage by stage approach – building it up from the underlying chords then adding a horizontal element later. Of course you are the pro and I am the amateur living inthe back of beyond but I do know that this vertical thing we have been taught wasn’t how boroque composers thought was it – it was all about resolutions? I have to have my tuppence worth. Still a million thanks for this tutorial – and for free too!

  6. Hi Dean, thanks for your comments! I like the expression ‘the line is king’, implying that movement horizontally from note to note is just as important as how notes stack up vertically. We have tended to look more at chords in popular music than part-writing, but if melodies are important, then linear movement is what really lights the fire!

  7. really this is awsome tutorial for string arranging … i was searching for string arranging techniques, i have also seen some techniques but i think this is world best technique for string arranging, thanks…..

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