Royal Scots Dragoon Guards

Some jobs come in completely out of the blue – from a colleague of a colleague, that strange network in the freelance creative industries that is simply word of mouth.
One of these, from earlier in the year, was a call from celebrated classical crossover producer Jon Cohen, meastro behind the sound of the Opera Babes and the Fron Choir amongst others.  His project was even more unlikely (or so I thought) – an album featuring the pipes of the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards.
In the fascinating landscape that is the music market, I confess i didn’t think that the pipes of a military regiment would be a winner in 2008, but the album (Journey) reached 29 in the classical charts in the run up to Christmas.

My involvement was straigthforward; the arrangements were done, save for a little score preparation, I just needed to create the realstrings audio.  This was for 3 tracks on the album, the string work for the others had already been completed in Prague, so the project makes an interesting comparison between the 2 methods. Undoubtedly the sound of a large body of players in a large room is wonderful!  But I reckon what we provided, in the context of the arrangements does the job absolutely fine.


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