What makes a composer?

A most satisfying and fascinating part of my work is interacting with composers, quite a few of them.  Their working practices might have some similarities but they are quite frankly all, creatively, different.  You might think that composing conventions would lead to some similar characteristics,  but in fact the only tangible thread I see in all of them is a personal one – the desire and confidence to achieve.  That’s not to say I don’t see the occasional ‘wobble’!  At least it proves they are human; but there is an overriding persistence and tenacity in their nature that motivates them to continue.  Sure, the ability to create distinctive music is there as well.  It means nothing without that desire to succeed.

I have been contributing to Richard Jay‘s work over the last couple of years; he’s a composer and musician I have huge respect for and whose work must surely gain some recognition.  I think he labels the style ‘chill out classical’ and I’m hopeful he will catch the imagination of the Classic FM community when he completes his album project in 2009 – a diverse collection of compositions, beautifully crafted, emotional and expressive.  He’s just posted a video of one of the early tracks I worked on, Gone but not forgotten, featuring Davy Spillane. Even before this video, the composition had a big character – the video serves to communicate yet more emotion.  Another demonstration of how video and music enliven each other. Hear more of his work on his myspace page.

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