Strings for Tom Jones

The hype machine is kicking in big style for the new Tom Jones album (released in November) with strings on a few tracks by, including the first single – If He Should Ever Leave You.  Does Tom Jones need a hype machine?  Strewth, he’s a legend, but maybe even he needs a marketing campaign.

The gig came through Darren and Tunde of Future Cut who will be shooting up the kudos ladder when this one is finally released.  We recorded the strings in London earlier this year and for such a high profile album, it was probably one of the most straightforward gigs.  The arrangements came together with minimum fuss – Darren and Tunde had put together some string ideas and I developed these. The brief was classic soul and that seems to be what the first reviews are loving.

The track is already all over the internet, so here it is in full (streamed from Rolling Stone).  Strings don’t really do much till later in the song.  I know the track is already getting loads of broadcast play, so if you see me driving round in a Porsche you’ll know the PPL lived up to expectations!

And here’s an extract from the string score for the session.

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