New West One Music albums

Jobs come in, we turn them round, and they go, then sometimes (forgive me!) we forget about them.  And months down the line they pop up, neat and tidy and finished.

This week I came across 2 albums of production (library) music released by West One Music that I’d worked on and are now all shiny and topped off!  One is ‘Inspired‘ by Jay Price and the other ‘Cinematic Strings and Beats’ by Caspar Kedros and Scott Doran.

It’s still immensely satisfying to hear the completed mixes, as when we’re playing on the tracks they are in a work-in-progress state and my contributions tend to be a library of string ideas and files that could end up anywhere in the arrangement and mix.  And it’s not until you hear the completed track that all the elements make sense.  Now, I’d just like to hear them plastered all over some tv broadcasts.

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