Monthly Archives: September 2008

realstrings in 2008

Some of the projects that have come through the studio in 2008.

Judas Priest (Attie Bauw) – arrangements and sessions for Nostradamus album
– arrangement and session for The Hurt Game
Jon Cohen
– score preparation and sessions for The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards
Richard Jacques
– score preparation and sessions for Your In The Movies (video game score)
Tenors Unlimited (Evan Jolly)
– sessions
Tom Jones (Future Cut)
– arrangements and sessions for a new album
Mr Scruff (Andy Kingslow)
– session for Kalimba on Ninja Tunes
Library music – Simon May, Jay Price, Alex Wilson, Caspar Kedros (Universal, West One)
Imperial Ice Stars (Tim Duncan)
– arrangements, score preparation, sessions.
Cunard (Duncan Waugh)
– sessions
Ian Livingstone – video game scores
– loops and figures sample library
Richard Mitchell
– score preparation and sessions for Sea Wolf movie.
Tara Palmer Tomkinson (Mike Kintish)
– score preparation and sessions for new album.

more on samplebase are featuring my string loops library on their front page at the moment, with a video showing the samples in use and a bit of an interview with me.

Meanwhile, Ralph Godden at Bab Kubwa sent me another rough mix using the samplebase loops library.

New realstrings sample library coming soon.

digital skills for musicians

My fascination for the digital skills and tools that help a musician work and evolve has lead me to have a go at a mind map, using a free web service called Mindomo. I can’t imagine I’ll ever actually finish this as it will continually change. Any help in improving it would be most welcome!

I split these digital skills into 2 areas – creative content in the form of media (music, audio, video, images, design) and web activity – how to promote and exploit your creative content online.

I can’t embed the map here (come on WordPress!) but clicking on the image will open the map in a new window, where my current notes become active as you roll your cursor over the map. (Can’t get the map to display in Safari.)