Demos and pitches – my working practice

Demos and pitches are an established part of the music business and for some reason this August has been a busy time for them. Quite a few have come my way this month – pop songs, an Ice show theatre project, a TV movie, a couple of video games, a sample library – a bit of everything.

So for my own sake and for any writer needing some live strings for a pitch, I thought I’d try to clarify how I aim to work.

My maxim has always been, if a project looks interesting, get involved first, sort out money later. If that means working on a pitch without any budget (or simply enough to cover some players) then I try to do it. I can often fit in some recording for a pitch (as long as its not an enormous amount of music) on the back of another session. I take the view that pitches precede jobs, so get involved, and I know how hard a composer will work on a pitch, so the least I can do to help out!

My contact details: pete[at] +44 (0)7958 708661 and on Skype as ‘realstrings’.

One response to “Demos and pitches – my working practice

  1. Pete is a legend! Flexible, creative and very accomodating. Scrape those pennies together and give ’em to him because it’s definitely worth it.

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