I’ve used the imeem social networking service to create a playlist of 20 pieces of music that are my greatest musical influences; compositions that I keep coming back to and never lose affinity for, and that I can say have influenced my musical development and identity.

First of all, I still don’t know whether imeem is legal; I’ve linked to some compositions I found on the site and I’ve uploaded mp3s of others from my CD collection. I will, of course, delete any content as required; but as imeem promotes sharing musical taste and (as a consequence) instigating music sales, I hope I am making a positive contribution to the health of the music industry. I even clicked the ‘flag’ link to report myself but this is only to flag up offensive material, nothing to do with the copyright issue!

The choice is not extreme or extraordinary; very moderate, but I don’t have anything to prove! It is diverse but I see certain common threads in many of my choices;

  • the beauty of harmony – the moving power of a progression of chords
  • the flesh and blood of human ensemble – the sound of many people making a great effort.
  • the contrasts of joy and sorrow – the bitter/sweet emotions that make up any great human story.
  • dynamics and shape – the architecture of a composition that takes me on a journey.

WordPress does not currently support embedding the playlist, so click the image for a link to the page.  I guess the artists/composers are more important than the individual tracks; some are on for their use of strings (like Don’t Go Breaking My Heart) or voices (like Take 6).

One response to “Influences

  1. Oh yes, you have excellent taste in music!

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