Jollies 2008

It was summer jollies time for our family and we headed to the Algarve, staying at the Riu Palace. The Riu group really has it nailed – great facilities and the most impressive staff! We’re not talking obsequious service but just great communication and efficiency. They inspire respect from me certainly, though I guess some customers will always complain.
We’d been to the hotel last year, on a cliff top, with a bit of a walk to the beach. This year, the most amazing construction has appeared – the Great Steps of Olhos d’Agua. 302 wooden steps, plus boardwalks, benches and shelters that start by hotel and weave down the craggy cliffs to the beach.

It is the sort of construction that deserves a plaque thanking the people who designed, built and funded it but there is nothing. Maybe it’s not as beautiful as the Millenium bridge but it certainly had me in awe and wishing to congratulate the builders!

Dominic was old enough to take part in the Interaction with Dolphins event at Zoo Marine also.

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