Teeth and Claws – an analysis

It’s summer and I feel I’ve earned a bit of me time, so I’m pursuing a few ideas that have been kicking around for a while. Roots and influences are coming soon, but here’s something else – an analysis of a song I worked on several years ago. I can’t get hold of the writer, I don’t know whether he still makes music but I believe this is the greatest song NEVER released. Teeth and Claws by Sean Booth. I found away of adding annotations to YouTube video (a hugely impressive tool that will have implications in music education).
The annotations feature in YouTube is in beta I believe, so annotations only show up on the original YouTube page, so not embedded. Click in the video image to go to YouTube.

One response to “Teeth and Claws – an analysis

  1. Wow….
    That is magnificent.
    Nice Analysis too.

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