Shadowkat and Rhymefest

Shadowkat releases an album shortly entitled The Hurt Game. He is part of the hiphop team with Rhymefest; my North American representative (Jen at Stronghold in Toronto) made a connection with them a year or so ago.
It’s edgy, emotional and eclectic hiphop; we only provided a few 4 bar samples for the song (The Hurt Game) – a kind of library of ideas that fit the key, tempo and vibe of the track, but the strings get a pretty good feature, particularly towards the end of the track.
You can hear the song on The Nightsons myspace. Shadowkat is also active in the discussion about the future of the album and a new business model for the music industry. He writes passionately about this in his blog, as well as reflecting on his influences, a process that I know I will find useful in finding my own musical identity.
Click the banner to join the Nightsons MySpace community and experience THE HURT GAME:
Hold The Dagger!


3 responses to “Shadowkat and Rhymefest

  1. It’s very nice to see a post about Shadowkat! I’ve known and worked with him for around ten years now and the dude is just straight passionate about music. As a graphic designer, I’ve worked around a lot of musicians, and I typically see them approach the recording and release process in the average way and hoping to get rich w/out putting in the work of pushing the product or pushing the limits. With everything Shadowkat does, he takes on the attitude of “I’m going to change the world with this” and then puts in long hours and tons of leg work to make sure there is organization and follow-thru with anything he releases. Thank you very much for the post!

  2. Hi toeknee, thanks for the comment! I don’t know him like you do but if you watch his music seminar video on myspace you can see how passionate and switched on he is, not just about music but about the business of music. Did you do the latest graphics for him?

  3. Hello, Pete! I heard about this blog of yours. Thank you for helping us with THE HURT GAME. I don’t know if Jen told you, but I am working on another song that will require your services, yet again. I always tell my peers about your work. You do an amazing job of giving new life to the music. Can’t wait to work on the next song with you, sir!

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