heavy metal antidote

I started the week listening to Judas Priest and catching up with reviews of Nostradamus. (Their inclusion of orchestrations has provoked heated debate amongst their fans.) So by way of a heavy metal antidote here are a couple of tracks I’ve been meaning to post for weeks – from Duncan Waugh and Chris Taylor.

I’ve mentioned the arranging and recording team of Duncan and Chris on here before; they’ve completed much work for Cunard in recent years (theatre production recordings) and do an impressive job. The scores are all immaculately arranged, recreating an enormous variety of styles – anything that comes up for Cunard’s theatrical shows – but I particularly like the traditional light-entertainment arrangements, a genre that doesn’t get much of an airing these days. There are some sampled instruments in the recordings but they don’t skimp on live players! My task is simply to put some life into the string lines.

Here’s an excerpt from an arrangement of The Best Is Yet To Come.

And an excerpt from a Celtic medley.


2 responses to “heavy metal antidote

  1. Oh oh, the new Judas Priest album kicks butt.. I hope that’s okay to think, even for a fan of classical music!

  2. Nostradamus rules , because of the songs, the players & your work.

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