Monthly Archives: February 2008

Our Tune

I’ve worked with Adders at LBS in Stockport since the 1990s! He’s still there and I’m still here. LBS produces commercials and soundtracks and Adders comes to me a few times a year – radio ads for solicitors seems to be my bag for Adders productions! The latest job was to reproduce the composition used by Simon Bates for Our Tune many years ago on Radio 1. It is the theme from Romeo and Juliet by Nina Rota. Copyright was cleared by the user and my task was to recreate as authentically as possible the original sound.

1] transcribe the score – I passed this on to a colleague to save some time. She did this as a rough manuscript to start with, then input all the lines into a sequencer for midi.

2] create a tempo map in Logic to match the original rubato of the track

3] select samples for each instrument

4] record some live strings

5] mix it and deliver.

Adders got all the individual stems, midi and score, and may choose to replace some of the samples. Here’s 30′ of my rough mix.

Tom Jones

Sadly I didn’t get to meet him, but I heard plenty of him in my headphones. Futurecut continue their roll of great production jobs with new tracks for Tom Jones. They’d been working with him last year in LA so when I got the call to work on strings for 5 songs I was reaching for my passport. Sadly, it wasn’t to be LA, but Shepherds Bush (The Townhouse) with some great players. Session ran well – it sure beats working. Hopefully another batch of songs later in the year. The arrangements for these rolled out with minimal fuss – Darren and Tunde had already crafted some ideas on the demos and between us we developed these into arrangements – simple but effective (I hope).

townhouse 1townhouse 2