Monthly Archives: December 2007

end of the year

Like most folks, I was hoping to clear the proverbial desk before the Christmas break, but it’s not going to happen, which means there’s still plenty of work to roll into the New Year.  So no sign of the music business grinding to a halt, as predicted by some.

The jobs could hardly be more diverse for a string arranger: Mike Kintish is producing a major celeb, Attie Bauw has asked me to pitch for strings on the new album of a legendary rock band, Richard Jacques is working on a video game score – he writes evocative and expansive melodies and makes best use of strings.  Duncan Waugh and Chris Taylor are once again being prolific for Cunard, Saville is finishing off album tracks and Lyracis is working on hip-hop tunes.  David Wrench is producing for Elin Fflur.

And I’ve swung to the other side – with Logic 8 (currently going through some pain!).

Jocelyn Brown

Busy run continues with pop, score and theatre projects rolling in, but in the post this morning was a CD (purchased off eBay!) of a charity song for Dove House Hospice called from Hull to King’s Cross. It started life as a commercial for Hull Trains and somewhere along the line turned into this great charity record! The song was written and produced by Adders at LBS, vocals by Jocelyn Brown, strings by and it’s fun.