stella artois

I met Jim Copperthwaite through a KPM library music project and he recently landed a choice gig to score the latest Stella Artois tv ad. My role was to prepare the score. Music notation is still a great communication tool, even in these days of multi-media and technology that allow anyone to make music (like Garageband). Music notation still plays a significant role between musical ideas and performances. We wanted to ensure the score encapsulated Jim’s ideas and inspired the performers to produce more than just the right notes, rather a performance with life and vitality. Of course, much of this interpretation would come in the session but if the score got close to drawing out the best from the musicians then session time could be devoted more to perfecting this than simply achieving it.

Jim supplied audio (the score played with samples) and midi and I imported this into Sibelius. Even though it was a short-notice gig (aren’t they all in advertising?) we passed drafts of the score back and forth, adding updates and discussing performance markings. Here’s the result; a score that (I feel) really captures the life, fun and emotion of the movie.

The score is online as a Sibelius Scorch file here.

2 responses to “stella artois

  1. Love the music! Searched for it everywhere! Thankyou!

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