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currently incoming

I’m sure August is usually quiet, isn’t it? Some exciting projects have been coming in. I’m making a start on some quirky, independent songs from Rob Davies (produced by Ronnie Stone) and a track from Jimmy Docherty, recommended by Jade Gallagher (her album should be out soon – she is doing the most amazing support slots).

10 reasons to live is a Liverpool band from the same label as Jade’s – and they are the closest I’ve heard to that really solid, classy writing and production that the Americans do so well. Great live, also I believe. I’m really pleased with how my arrangements worked with 2 tracks they sent; strings were a last minute addition to the album. Saville has come back with a few more tracks and so has Jay Price with another library album. And Duncan Waugh and Chris Taylor (the hardest working pros in music!) are heads down with more production tracks for Cunard.

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media music

As a freelancer it’s always good for the soul to be dead busy just before and just after holidays!  I came back from Portugal (and missed the UK monsoon) to more media tracks for Ian Livingstone and a great project for Dave Hewson – one of those jobs that only comes along once in a while!  I’ve not done much for Dave in the past but I’m pleased to say he was delighted with the results.

Ken Lewis asked for a ‘quickie’ – a 4-bar sample recreation.  I’ve just heard the mix and he’s made me sound really 70s vinyl!  Including needle scratch noise.

Moving on to some score prep for Ed White next, plus a new (big celeb) project with a great young writer/producer called Michael Kintish.

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