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Work flow is rarely ‘steady’, so mad busy periods go with the territory.  Ian Livingstone is working on 2 video game projects right now; 1 is in collaboration with Tony Clarke (working, I believe, for Rupert Gregson Williams) on Bee Movie – a game to be released alongside a forthcoming film.  A fantastic, fun score.  The other requires no playing, but some score preparation (Sibelius) for sessions in Prague.  I’ve never worked on a project that has used the Prague session scene so it will be interesting to see how it compares – confident we’ll get good results.

Yves Jean sent a beautiful song called Smile (via Ken and Cooper at and I just completed the files – hope they like the arrangement.

I’ve never met Simon Brint but I feel like I know him well!  I’ve worked on numerous projects over the years, but we only ever communicate by phone and email.  His latest theme is for a major TV comedy series.

And Dave Hewson is talking about a great session for some news idents.  I’ve not done recordings for Dave before, only score prep.  His music is very distinctive – exciting, media music.  Great themes and arrangements.

Rob Davies is a singer/songwriter – I’m living with his demos on my ipod and hoping to start work on some arrangements later in the month.  His stuff is quirky!  And the reference tracks he sent me are a great inspiration – Sufjan Stevens and Calexico.

Ed White is a really talented composer – I’ve only ever played on demos/pitches but he certainly deserves some solid media work.  I recorded some lines for a beautiful, romantic-influenced score he is entering into a competition.

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