Samplebase goes live

Finally, after several years of development Samplebase has gone live, with a beta release.

I recorded 2 libraries of riffs and figures a couple of years ago and I’m hoping  they’re well received.  Samplebase is a new kind of sample factory, where any musicians and producers can submit libraries to the database.  It’s sample production for the user-generated-content generation.  Unlike the existing big boys of samples, these libraries are quite small and the current retail price is just $39.  The project is backed by Ilio so I’m hopeful it will get some good marketing.

One response to “Samplebase goes live

  1. All I can say is “wow, these loops are the shiznit!” Seriously…very, very, very good job on these. I predict that they will be one of the top sellers on the website! Thank you and Catalyst Audio for being a part of this ground breaking service. And thanks for being so patient in the process!



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