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Jersey Street

Matt Steele plays keyboards for Jersey Street amongst others (Brand New Heavies as well) and came to me ages ago with an arrangement for a beautiful song called Nightingale for the band. It’s now released on a mettle music compilation and sounds really sweet. It’s Matts arrangement – I just played the parts. Inspite of all the technology thrown at making music (including scoring it out) Matt came with the proverbial back-of-a-fag-packet effort scribbled out (or maybe it was a beer mat or a bus ticket), but still a beautifuly crafted arrangement. Listen here.

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I first met Darren and Tunde of Future Cut when they were producing The Un-calculated Sum album as Un-cut.  I put strings on half a dozen tracks for that album and still use them for my showreel. They were into strings doing emotional and left-field stuff so it was a joy to work on.  It’s a great album which never got the attention it deserved.  They come from a production/DJ background which makes them more open to a multitude of musical influences than many musicians.

After Un-cut folded they moved their studio to London and have been producing non-stop as far as I can tell, coming back to me for arrangements for Connor Reeves, Kate Nash and now Plan B.

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