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arrangement for big hip-hop name

Incoming!  I’ve put together an arrangement for a major American hip-hop artist and he loves it!  Can’t reveal the name as the gig isn’t definitely in the bag, but the song was perfect for strings – strongly emotional and inspiring to work on, with a powerful lyric, melodic chorus and sweet chord changes.  I put together an arrangement I was really happy with – pushing the ideas beyond the brief to see if they went for it and they did.  More info when the sessions are complete.

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the realstrings studio

I’ve done some upgrading in the past year and it’s making a big difference. For a start I now have 2 alternative spaces to record in; the original dry space and now a bigger acoustic room. We spent a bit of time setting this up with sound proofing, absorption and diffusing. I got POB from pobaudio to spec it for me. Now I get different acoustic charateristics from the 2 rooms and that helps me build up samples.

I’m also using a new mic – an SE Gemini (combined with the Rode NTK). Sometimes hire in a Neumann U87 too. The combination of mics makes a big difference and I’m recording every performance with at least 2 mics which helps achieve the randomness of an ensemble sound.

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phil collins track

Just heard the rough mix from Rich of the title track for Almost Heaven. Phil’s voice sounds amazing, but not as amazing as his drums – quite simply spine tingling. They were recorded in 5:1 though reduced to stereo for an mp3. My strings sound pretty respectable too.

From tatty midi to mega track, that’s how it goes.

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realstrings – starting to blog

I’ve been keeping an education blog but now I’m up for a realstrings blog.